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 The one and only "Beanz" is back! Woo!

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The one and only "Beanz" is back! Woo! Empty
PostSubject: The one and only "Beanz" is back! Woo!   The one and only "Beanz" is back! Woo! EmptyMon Jan 21, 2013 11:32 am

Hey everyone! How's it going! It's Beanz here! I've been on this server for about a year and a half now. After awhile, the server unfortunately shut down. But now, a freidn has told me it is back up, so I'm back to play again! Hope to see all of you Vets in game! Missed this server so much! PM me in game if you want to talk: Beanz

Cheers! cheers
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The one and only "Beanz" is back! Woo!
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