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 winni333's app for admin :)

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winni333's app for admin :) Empty
PostSubject: winni333's app for admin :)   winni333's app for admin :) EmptySun Jun 29, 2014 9:59 am

Ing Name:winni333


Days Active:i have been on from the first day i signed up

Hours active throughout 1 day:at least 6 maybe more

Why do you deserve staff?:well i'm Mod right now, i help a-lot of people in game and on forums. i make guides but sense forums is new my guide has been deleted *sigh*

How can we trust you?:well I have been Mod for a long time and if that doesn't show trust well then i don't know what will Razz

What are you going to do as a loyal Staff member to better the
:I will help as much as I can and post guides when i am able to, i will advertise on servers to get out population up and help new people get started Smile
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winni333's app for admin :)
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