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 Donating Information<--------

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Donating Information<-------- Empty
PostSubject: Donating Information<--------   Donating Information<-------- EmptyTue Jul 08, 2014 1:16 pm

Donating to StonerScape will give you Benefits/Advantages in the community, as you will hold more power, Bosses dying in a blink of a second, or even Pking anyone you see in sight.

How to:
Paypal; all you have to do is send the money as a gift.
Bank Cards: Make a Paypal account, link up your credit card info with your paypal account, then click 'send money'
>> <<

Email to send donation:

We Accept;
Lvl 100+ Accounts ONLY!! (or an account with a 99)

NOTE: Donator Rank is bought separate, You will NOT have Donator Rank for just buying item(s)

Benefits added everyday!

Donator Rank Only: $10 --
This includes; Donator zone (currently being worked on)
** Items will be shown below when we code this in **

Pick out any color Partyhat: $10
Partyhat Set: $45 ($15 discount)
Pick out any color H'ween Mask: $4.50
H'ween Mask set: $10 ($3 discount)
Bunny Ears: $4.50
Spirit Shield Set: 7.50
Full Primal Set: $20 (+606 Def bonus)
Full torva: $4.50 (+357 Def bonus)
Any Animal Mask: $3.50
Animal Mask Set: $35 (16 Masks) ($24 discount)
Santa Hat: $7.50
9,000 Ecto-Tokens: $5.50 (Used at ::am, Chances of Torva, Chaotics, Godswords + MORE!
Korasi's Sword, Godsword set, Dragon Claws: $4.50
Black Death Cape Wings: $7.50
Primal Maul: $25 (+192 Str bonus) -- Hits 50's in wilderness
[NEW]Black Helm F5: $50 (+1000 Str Bonus) 1 Hit kills
[NEW]Shadow Sword $15 (+250 Str bonus)
[NEW]Blood Necklace: $9.50 (best amulet in-game)

The [NEW] are [[Unavailable]] in wild, anyone abusing the new items will be banned

Donate to Eddie

All Donations are COMPLETELY final, Charge backs will not be tolerated, end result will be an IP ban ingame and on forums. No questions asked.

Donations are being closely looked at, as it will get us money to hold our domain, our VPS, and most importantly hold our dedication to coding this server.

Only donate to eddie or you will not receive your items!

As of;
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Donating Information<--------
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