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 To keep people playing!!! READ THIS SHIT!!

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To keep people playing!!! READ THIS SHIT!! Empty
PostSubject: To keep people playing!!! READ THIS SHIT!!   To keep people playing!!! READ THIS SHIT!! EmptySun Jul 13, 2014 5:07 pm

-fix vote reward system

-add more things to kill (add drops to bosses already existing in the world, add more things to kill like a whole other area that you can kill creatures for upp points.)

-add stats to some already existing items to make them worth getting (poly staff, ceremonial, etc...)

-fix a couple mini game areas (warrior guild for sure)

-REMOVE ALOT OF THE RARE(ish) ITEMS FROM THE SHOPS!!! ( fix dungeoneering and remove the chaotics, bandos, arma, godswords, shit like that from the shops, makes items worth more that way, and gives people stuff to do.) **as a temp fix at least for dung, just add mobs that give pts when u kill, and make the chaotics cost those points**

Anyone have anything to comment or add, feel free, more suggestions the better!! Smile
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To keep people playing!!! READ THIS SHIT!!
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