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 Ecto Token Guide!!

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Ecto Token Guide!! Empty
PostSubject: Ecto Token Guide!!   Ecto Token Guide!! EmptySun Jul 13, 2014 8:06 pm

This guide is to show the easiest and best ways of collecting ecto tokens for really great rewards!!!

1. Voting!! it is the easiest way to get a nice amount of tokens with almost no effort. Please tell myself or an admin/mod that you are about to vote so they can check the vote count. This will be edited when vote rewards gets coded.
Ecto Token Guide!! 9t3dc3

2. Killing mobs at ::slayerpvp This is the easiest way of obtaining tokens. **NOTE**It is called slayerpvp for a reason. High rewards mean high risk!!
Chicken(lvl3) = 3 or 9 tokens
Spiritual Ranger(lvl115) = 35 tokens
For a full list of drops, please visit this great guide!!

3. Killing mobs at ::am It is alot less tokens/per hour than ::slayerpvp but with prayer it is almost 0% risk. The amount of tokens from each is as follows...
Pirate(lvl29) = 3 tokens
Death Spawn(lvl46) = 4 tokens
Kraka(lvl91) = 7 tokens
Kurask(lvl106) = 7 tokens

So, you got a bunch of tokens, now what? Well teleport to ::am and refer to the pictures to help.
Ecto Token Guide!! 14wr80w Ecto Token Guide!! 20i7zbl

If i missed other methods of gaining tokens or if something here is a little off, please comment so I can add/edit. Thanks everyone!  cheers 
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Ecto Token Guide!!
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