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 Ecto Token Guide!!

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PostSubject: Ecto Token Guide!!   Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:06 pm

This guide is to show the easiest and best ways of collecting ecto tokens for really great rewards!!!

1. Voting!! it is the easiest way to get a nice amount of tokens with almost no effort. Please tell myself or an admin/mod that you are about to vote so they can check the vote count. This will be edited when vote rewards gets coded.


2. Killing mobs at ::slayerpvp This is the easiest way of obtaining tokens. **NOTE**It is called slayerpvp for a reason. High rewards mean high risk!!
Chicken(lvl3) = 3 or 9 tokens
Spiritual Ranger(lvl115) = 35 tokens
For a full list of drops, please visit this great guide!!

3. Killing mobs at ::am It is alot less tokens/per hour than ::slayerpvp but with prayer it is almost 0% risk. The amount of tokens from each is as follows...
Pirate(lvl29) = 3 tokens
Death Spawn(lvl46) = 4 tokens
Kraka(lvl91) = 7 tokens
Kurask(lvl106) = 7 tokens

So, you got a bunch of tokens, now what? Well teleport to ::am and refer to the pictures to help.

If i missed other methods of gaining tokens or if something here is a little off, please comment so I can add/edit. Thanks everyone!  cheers 
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Ecto Token Guide!!
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