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 Updates are here! 7/17/14

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Updates are here! 7/17/14 Empty
PostSubject: Updates are here! 7/17/14   Updates are here! 7/17/14 EmptyThu Jul 17, 2014 10:15 pm

Updates are finally done! well.....that is for some of the content and the stuff is different than I had promised but its better for our economy and community.

What did I update? Following Below..Smile

1.Quest tab/Client restructured - Basically removed all the junk in the quest tab since it's what 99.9% of the server have in the Rsps community. Instead i've added a teleportation system in the quest tab organizing Minigames/Pk Zones/Bosses by different colors.(New client needed to become visible)

2.I've made an entrence fee for the Slayer Pvp portal, which comes to 500m to enter.

3.I've added 2 shouting npc's to the east side of home. one a npc that teleports to skilling area and one that teleports to server slayer area.

4.Removed Staff tab and SOF(Not needed)

5.Removed slayer npc, going to rewrite my own npc, since its glitched and part of my goal on this server is to become a better programmer.

6.Removed shops from home, instead I've added ::shops. That way stuff isn't as crowded.

7.Fixed player killing points to 25 StonerScape points aka "SS" and the points actually are picked up by the system now no long is it glitched.

8.Bank tabs are a different color instead of gray its white.(stupid but yeah)

9.Penguin drops improved.

Thanks for staying tuned, remember when I say im going to take this project to the max, I mean it.
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Updates are here! 7/17/14
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