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 Siranussnifr for trial Moderator.

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Siranussnifr for trial Moderator. Empty
PostSubject: Siranussnifr for trial Moderator.   Siranussnifr for trial Moderator. EmptySat Jul 19, 2014 9:42 am

Ing Name: Siranussnifr

Age: Nineteen

Days Active: Around 2-3 weeks.

Hours active throughout 1 day: Generally 5 or more hours, when I'm free.

Why do you deserve staff?: I feel as I can be a great addition to the team.  I'm lineant with players and I assist new players upon them freshly joining.
I really enjoy the server and I wish to continue making the experience of the server as enjoyable as possible.

How can we trust you?: I'm honest.  I'm ambitious.  I'm very devoted.

What are you going to do as a loyal Staff member to better the community?: Like I've said, continue to assist players and help the server in any way possible.
I am obedient amongst higher ranked staff members, yet I tend to know how to lead players into discovering their reasons for thoroughly appreciating and enjoying the server.
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Siranussnifr for trial Moderator.
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