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 StonerScape Rules

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PostSubject: StonerScape Rules   StonerScape Rules EmptyTue Jul 08, 2014 1:18 pm

No Flaming staff ; Max punishment will be a mute and if you continue, ipmute.

::dice < Off limits. we're removing and you should not be using this command whatsoever
(There will be no refunds for dicing, unless you are scammed. You are risking your items)

To see whose a trusted dicer, please click here >> <<

Anyone who I gave 30K+ Ecto-tokens, Please give out 700 every time someone votes, I consider you as a helper, and you know who you are In-game
Vote here >> <<

Don't beg for items, or staff. I will give you no attention in-game, and it will push you further away from what you are asking for..I don't have time for beggers, nor does the server.

Donations are Final, No refunds are possible unless you are scammed, and I need proof that you are scammed.

Duping is a straight IP ban, not that I know of any Dupes at the moment.

Don't abuse, or your gonna get demoted, and not promoted ever.

--Co owners-- > If you trade any item you spawned, you are getting demoted + an account reset, and I will be taking the items from the player.
Players if you see ANY staff abusing, let me know. I will deal with them In-game. Thanks.

Scamming = Ban

If there is anything else I should add, please a comment below..


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StonerScape Rules
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