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 TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide!

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TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! Empty
PostSubject: TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide!   TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! EmptySun Jul 13, 2014 6:48 pm

Kiln Cape Guide

First off, this might not be the best way or your way of doing it, but this is how I did it multiple times fairly easy and without risking way too much money incase i do die.

Step One= Gear up and bring what you need
TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! 6pu8tf TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! Npnyg6

Step Two= Teleport to the Minigame, click this icon and then click tzhaar.
TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! 2qatslv TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! Qquwi0

Step Three= Go into the cave and get ready for a 5 boss fight.
TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! 15p64a9

Bosses in order and the protection prayer that I use

TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! 11wafyq TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! 20sho5k TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! O8fhxs TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! 4rattz TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! 2is9tmc

1. Nomad - pray melee
2. Angry Goblin - pray mage
3. General Graardor - pray melee
4. Chaos Elemental - pray range
5. Corporeal Beast - pray mage

these are the prayers I use, you might wanna try something else, up to you, this is just what I use. Note tho, you might need to eat on some of the bosses due to multiple styles of attacks. If i'm wrong, please comment and I will change and correct.

Step Four= Equip that shit!! Congrats on getting your kiln cape!!
TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide! 2di3j3q
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TokHaar-kal (kiln cape) guide!
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